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How does Improve work for you as a care professional?

Creating your own healthcare pathways, studies, and patient information
for your patient’s mobile phone.

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"With the Improve application I’m able to make a care program for my scientific research. For me it’s very important that we receive the data easy and secure through the Improve app. "

Ayla Turan, Resident, Radboudumc

"The Improve application is very easy to use for our participants. They are able to fill out the questionnaires on their smartphone or tablet in the comfort of their own home. Because of that we noticed that we received the questionnaires more complete.”

Hannah Regeer, Researcher

Bas van de Goor Foundation

“The benefits of the Improve app are that the patients can prepare before they arrive at the outpatient clinic. They have access to the app before the appointment. The patient fills out a lot of questionnaires and answers a lot of questions, so we gain an overall picture.”

Sander Steyns, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Mechanical ventilation at home - MUMC

“In no way is it allowed that the answers of the questionnaires are visible for anyone else but the patient who fills it out or the doctor that receives them. And privacy, is safe and secure with the Improve app.”

Meindert Sosef, Surgeon Zuyderland

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Safe by Design

Improve is the world’s first end-to-end encrypted
platform for doctor-patient communication.

In all we do, your safety & data privacy are our first priority. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
We call this “safe by design”.

Directly provided by your patient through smartphone or tablet

Create your own patient information from your healthcare pathway with photos or videos. Request intake and other questionnaires in advance, through the patient’s mobile phone.

Also measure the outcomes of your treatments and apply Value Based Health Care. Everything will be planned in advance throughout the care protocol. That way you can pay attention to your patient instead of your screen.