The first vendor-independent hub to manage all medical devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

Manage all medical devices on a single digital hub. Add questionnaires for contextual data, and eHealth for instructions communication with patients. Data can be monitored on a central dashboard and can easily be added to an EHR or EPR file.

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Improve PHR

Medical devices of your choice

The only platform that connects to any combinations of medical devices. Eliminating the need to replace currently used devices for monitoring patients remotely.

Add instructions and questionnaires

Provide patients with relevant instructions, information material or questionnaires through the Improve Mobile App. Visit our ePRO page for more information.

Improve PHR
Improve PHR

Instant results on a clear Dashboard

All data is gathered and visualized on a central dashboard. Create a new measurement or virtually check in on a patient.


One platform for all RPM purposes