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Burden for caregiver CSI caregiver strain index


  • Start your study or care program immediately with the Burden for caregiver CSI caregiver strain index
  • Invite patients within minutes
  • Increase response rate by up to 6 times with the Improve app.
  • Receive data in any preferred format like CSV/XLS and pdf or use our API’s to integrate data directly into your EHR or CRF system using international standards for medical data.
  • Highly secure, using end-to-end encryption
  • The Improve applications are exclusively designed and available for medical professionals and researchers

Are you a healthcare professional or researcher and want to send to 20 patients or participants this questionnaire for free? Then sign up in our web portal and send this questionnaire. Your patients or participants will answer the questions via the mobile app, to ensure privacy.

If you want to start with more than 20 patients or participants ask for the offer.


Caregiver Strain Index (CSI) is a questionnaire to measure the burden of the informal caregiver.
Burden for caregiver CSI caregiver strain index

Create your own healthcare modules or ePRo

We offer you a unique opportunity to completely independently design your own healthcare modules, scientific studies and patient education with Burden for caregiver CSI caregiver strain index through the Improve Designer. Our library gives you access to the most widely used PROMs questionnaires and healthcare modules.

Patient and participants more engaged

Not everyone is handy with computers, but almost everyone has a cell phone or iPad. Because we work barrier-free and safely via mobile devices, the response rate is very high (above 90%). The patient receives in time exactly the questions of Burden for caregiver CSI caregiver strain index.

Secure patient and participant data

Through our unique end-to-end encryption we bring the patient and participant data of Burden for caregiver CSI caregiver strain index securely within the healthcare facility walls. Only the patient and the physician or researcher can view the data. No one else, not even us. Improve meets the GDPR requirements and is hosted within Europe at a ISO 27001 certified data center.

Improve in action

See how the MDL department at Radboudumc is using Improve for a scientific study.

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