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Streamline the healthcare process with digital medical forms

Imagine this: A seamless process where paperwork is replaced by digital forms and home measurements. Data entered at home by patients, and effortlessly collected and stored in your own system – directly accessible to healthcare providers. A streamlined approach that reduces administrative burdens, minimises the risk of errors, and saves valuable time. And which can be realised within a few weeks. Open Health Hub makes it happen. 

Digital medical forms for better care

Simplify patient data collection with our innovative platform for digital medical questionnaires and home measurements. Create forms effortlessly, share them with patients, and view data directly in the EHR.

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A fast and user-friendly solution. Without it becoming a complicated IT project. Within a few weeks, you can start using your first digital form.

Start now and immediately benefit from time savings, cost reductions and increased satisfaction among your healthcare staff and patients. And as a next step, integration with your existing systems is easy and fast, through smooth connections based on international standards – such as FHIR – and solid APIs.

“By filling out the questionnaire, the patient is well prepared for the appointment. Also, we get a complete picture of the patient in advance.”

Sander SteijnsSander Steijns, Nurse Specialist MUMC+

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Streamline the healthcare process with digital medical forms

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Would you like to implement digital medical forms and home measurements within your medical department or healthcare organization? Let us know which form you would like to start with, and we will show you how you can experience its impact within just a few weeks. Book a demo.