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Accelerate your innovative power and stay ahead of the competition, by incorporating our state-of-the-art digital medical form and home measurement platform into your offering. Our proven technology based on FHIR standards and our robust APIs guarantee a quick and hassle-free implementation. Boost your growth and success, by combining our expertise with your core business, enabling you to deliver exceptional healthcare information solutions to your clients. Open Health Hub makes it happen. 

Revolutionise healthcare providers’ workflow

By offering a solution for digital medical forms and home measurement, you help healthcare providers reclaim precious time during consultations. With a seamless process where digital questionnaires replace tedious paperwork. Empowering them to focus on what they do best: taking great care of patients.

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“Open HealthHub provides a building block for data capture outside the healthcare institution firewall”

Joost Huiskens, MD, CMIO Microsoft, the Netherlands

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Experience the next level of secure FHIR-based data collection with our full enterprise suite, specifically designed for the medical field. The Open Health Hub platform offers an innovative solution for creating, distributing, and managing all of your questionnaires, while ensuring complete privacy and data confidentiality.

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Enhance your offering, grow your success

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If you’re looking for innovative ways to expand your horizons and drive mutual success, we invite you to explore the potential of partnering with us. Whether you’re a startup looking for a strategic alliance or an established business seeking fresh opportunities, let’s connect and explore how we can join forces.