Together we build the digital path to better healthcare

Open HealthHub is a platform for patients and doctors for their secure and trusted communication. This should be simple and easy. We are convinced that when patients take control of their own health this will encourage the quality of their treatment. The doctor can also work better if the patient’s feedback is valuable. Our application Improve has been developed by patients and doctors together and runs on the Open HealthHub platform.


Marco Woesthuis MD

CEO & Founder

Martijn Verhoeven

CTO & Founder

Philip Mebius


Sales & Accountmanagement

Thomas Tol

Sales Manager

Justus Hemelaar

Sales Manager

Advisory Board

Daniel Legro


Leon Pillich


Job de Bruyne


Our history

Open HealthHub started as a research project of the former Telematica Instituut (Novay). With this project an infrastructure was built where healthcare parties could work together and make their information available via ‘the cloud’. In 2011, the research project won an Accenture Innovation Award for healthcare. In 2014, Open HealthHub became a start-up where a public infrastructure is offered to everybody who would want to develop healthcare apps. The corporation also received a grant from the Dutch research program COMMIT/. In 2015, Open HealthHub changed it’s course after building a public infrastructure to also build a secure infrastructure for communication between patient and doctor. Together with the doctors and patients the first application that was built is named Improve.